Imagine a band that’s been raised on a diet of Blink-182 and Bowling For Soup, dressed up in the modern threads of State Champs and Knuckle Puck, and sounding like an absolute powerhouse of a pop-punk force?

If you’re struggling, struggle no longer. Say hello to PVMNTS.

With nothing but a single bedroom demo, they’ve taken the world by storm, having notched up a Slam Dunk slot and UK Headliner on their bedpost.

They’ve finally caved-in to demands for more music, having announced their debut EP Better Days, out August 17th. Better Days was produced by Kyle Black (State Champs, New Found Glory) and, in true modern-day pop-punk fashion, dives in deep on depression, anxiety, death, and self-doubt whilst coming off absolutely massive in sound.

If that wasn’t enough, PVMNTS have dropped their debut single, Standing (On My Own Two Feet). Mixing up modern-day hit-and-run pop-punk with mammoth arena-ready choruses, this is the sound of a band wise beyond their years arriving on the ground running.

Speaking on the single, PVMNTS commented:

“Tyler wrote this song during the passing of his mother so there’s a lot of emotion in writing and recording this song. It’s basically about when you hit a point in your life where your life will change and there’s nothing you can do about. The only control that you have is deciding whether or not it’s going to fuck you up or you take a positive route and do something good with what you’ve just been through.”

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