No matter whatever the weather, you can bet that Ramson Badbonez is always locked and loaded with bars – the London MC boasts a rapid fire delivery and and a unique flow that he has polished as his career has developed. That career would not be what it currently is, and there is certainly a lot owed like with any artist, to those that ignited the spark for creativity; the desire to pick up a microphone and lay down serious heat. So, as Ramson is set to drop upcoming fourth studio album Mic Day The 13th on January 31st through High Focus Records, we spoke to the Jason Bonez rapper to find out which albums inspired him the most – have a look below!

New album Mic Day The 13th continues the concept of Badbonez‘ 2018 project Jason Bonez and draws heavily on classic horror film Friday the 13th for influence. The album features production from Illinformed and Jazz T among others who have assisted in creating this haunting and scary tape that only Ramson could chop through so mercilessly. Mic Day The 13th is set to begin 2019 on a real high for High Focus and Ramson Badbonez who’s execution of the unusual concept is in itself enough reason to have a listen – unless you’re afraid, which you might be right to be..

Check out single Sticks and Stones for a mouth-watering taster of the new project:


5 records that influenced Ramson Badbonez – in his own words:

Ramson Badbonez


RedmanMuddy Waters 

I heard through a bredrin at around 13years old – I like the whole fusion of funk and soul and this was a big lyrical influence also. In my opinion this is one of the best hip-hop albums to date! My favourite track is probably ‘Whateva Man’!



Ramson Badbonez



Heltah Skeltah Nocturnal 

I can’t remember how I came across it, but it was one of the first albums that got me serious about writing. I was 13 at the time and liked the dark vibe of it plus there were and a lot of relatables within the album concept and tracks. Favourite track is ‘Sean Price’.


Ramson Badbonez



Gravediggaz6 Feet Deep 

This is one of the first albums that changed the way I viewed the world and myself at around 13years old, I came across it through just digging and exploring different music. I like the album concept of digging up the graves of the mentally dead. Favourite track is probably ‘Diary of a Madman’.



Ramson Badbonez 


Scarface The Diary

I was introduced to through an older pier I was around at about 12 years old, I had never heard anything that sound like it at the time. I like the honesty and sincerity within the rhymes and had a massive influence on my song and album concepts. My favourite track is ‘I Seen A Man Die’.



Ramson Badbonez



Cypress Hill – Cypress Hill

When ‘How I could just kill a man’ & ‘The Phuncky feel one’ single came out I was around 9-10 years old, I got the album shortly after that. I liked it because it was unique to the time period and was an influence in terms of standing out artistically. My favourite track was probably The Phuncky feel one.




Not only are these all great picks, you can hear the influence of each in the dynamic and murderous flow of Ramson Badbonez and knowing these records did a job of shaping the bar-ister he is today can help fans appreciate his efforts even more. Furthermore it’s intriguing to see the impact these classic albums have had, in this instance it’s particularly revealing that Scarface’s The Diary album had a considerable influence upon Ramson’s album concepts! Sample the venom laced in Ramson’s raps on latest single from Mic Day The 13thFace Down Floating:

Mic Day the 13th is out on January 31st via High Focus Records – pre-order it here now.

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