Music videos are pieces of art. Created to accompany songs, they tell stories, and can answer questions posed by lyrics. And, when done well, music videos can change perspectives.

A beautiful example of this is 5 Seconds of Summer’s ‘Youngblood’ video. The video explores a different side to a culture that is often stereotyped by the media. The Australian Alt band have well and truly upped the storytelling aspect of their music videos game and crafted a video that transforms the way we listen to their song.



The single ‘Youngblood’ tells a story of heartbreak and a slightly unhealthy on and off again relationship. This idea is bolstered by the hauntingly beautiful acoustic version uploaded on YouTube. The video feautres their lead singer, Luke Hemmings, and empty stairwell.

But with the existence of the video, released on the 2nd of August, a new story is told. Following the last day in the life of a Japanese couple, elderly at the start of the video but becoming youthful for the majority of it, the video tells the tale of a love story but with a rock vibe. With armchairs and cardigans swapped for city streets and leather, the video delves into the alternative subcultures within Japan.  The alt/rock styling fits with the band’s traditional style. But the decision to turn a story of sadness and heartbreak into one of eternal love and compromise both sends a message to the audience and shows maturity in the band.

Another nice touch is the cast which includes past and present musicians from Japan – a thoughtful and respectful nod to a culture often overlooked. With Japan so often perceived as cutesy, the inclusion of Asian representation that isn’t fetishized is refreshing.

Coming from a band that are relatively young, the thought and care that goes into their music videos is astounding.

The band are currently in Japan as part of their Meet You There tour. For more information on their tour dates click here.

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