London-bred LA-based industrial duo BONES UK have announced their self-titled debut album, due for release on 22nd July via Sumerian Records.

Alongside the album announcement, they’ve dropped a video for their feminist anti-anthem Pretty Waste.

Speaking about the song and it’s topical subject matter, vocalist Rosie Bones said:

“Pretty Waste is about this notion that if you’re attractive you can’t be clever. Or if you’re sexy you can’t be smart. As people we are judged so much for what we look like and people have opinions of what we can or can’t be because of it. It’s about being judged for what you look like and saying fuck that. What you look like on the outside doesn’t have to define who you are on the inside. It’s about not trying to live up to what people expect/want you to be because of your appearance, age, sex, race. You can be whatever you want to be. None of that shit should ever define you or be put on you by other people. It’s unimportant.”

The track list for their upcoming self-titled album is as follows:

1 – Beautiful Is Boring
2 – Filthy Freaks
3 – Pretty Waste
4 – Leach
5 – I’m Afraid of Americans
6 – Souls
7 – Skeletone
8 – Choke
9 – Creature
10 – Black Blood
11 – Limbs
12 – Girls Can’t Play Guitar


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