South Florida’s finest, the knotty-headed youthful hip-hop artist Denzel Curry has announced the release date for highly anticipated ‘TA13OO’ (Taboo) album, the follow up to his phenomenal 2016 effort ‘Imperial’.

‘TA13OO’ will consist of thirteen tracks and is broken into three segments, which are being released individually on July 25th, 26th and 27th. Certainly a unique way to roll out a project, as Denzel aka Zeltron, never has and never does struggle to stand out from his counterparts.

The three sections, or ‘acts’ are split as follows:

Act I. Light
1. Taboo
2. Black Balloons ft. Twelve’len & GoldLink
3. Cash Manica ft. Nyjeria
4. Sumo

Act II. Gray
5. Super Saiyan Superman
6. Switch It Up
7. Mad I Got It
8. Sirens ft. J.I.DBillie Eilish
9. Clout Cobain

Act III. Dark
10. The Blackest Balloon
11. Percs
12. Vengeance ft. Zillakami & JPEGMAFIA
13. Black Metal Terrorist

Denzel released the music video for second offering from ‘TA13OO’ (following the release of ‘Percs’ last month) titled ‘Clout Cobain’ in support of the announcement and launch of pre-orders, check out the dark and haunting trippy visual here:

An advocate of using his voice for good and trying to address situations he believes need to be spoken about, with ‘Clout Cobain’ Denzel does exactly that by visually depicting a lot of the stresses that come with being a recording artist that far too often fans overlook and think certain artists can be exempt from. The most striking message to take away from the track and the video is to inform viewers of how far some artists will go to retain the ‘clout’ that is constantly placed on such a high pedestal these days, which can lead to disastrous effects as you see at the finale of the video.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s ALSO announced a multitude of tour dates for America and Europe, bringing his chaotic and riotous live performance to our shores in December – if the circus theme that has been adopted for this album and mainstay of the ‘Clout Cobain’ visual is anything to go by, these shows promise to be nothing short of THRILLING.

Denzel Curry European Tour

Pre-orders for ‘TA13OO’ are live now here and tickets for the European dates go on sale at 9AM on Wednesday July 18th!

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