Hollywood Forever Cemetery Officials ask fans to stop filming at Chris Cornell’s grave to protect the privacy and identity of people paying respects to their loved ones.

Officials at the Hollywood Forever cemetery have asked fans to stop filming at the grave of late Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery has a strict ”no filming policy” in place to “protect the privacy of all the families who have entrusted us to care for their loved ones”. The Cemetery’s director of private estates Noelle Berman recently contacted Chris Cornell’s widow Vicky and his management company to ask them to spread the word and raise awareness about Hollywood Forever’s policy.

Chris Cornell’s management team  followed this up by tweeting: “We understand that some of Chris’s fans wish to video their visits at Hollywood Forever, but we’ve had confirmation that it’s against their policy. We’d like to thank everyone for their understanding.”

In their letter to Vicky, Berman says that fans caught filming will be politely asked to refrain and adds: “We love that so many of his fans visit and spend the day here. Every time I pass his area, there is someone there visiting Chris.

“It is beautiful to see and reminds me how special and adored your husband is.”

The letter from Hollywood Forever to Vicky can be read below:

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