The wait for alternative queen Lana Del Rey’s latest release Lust For Life is finally drawing to an end… and with another two tracks dropping from the album today, I’m glad we don’t have to hold out much longer.

The two songs, Groupie Love and Summer Bummer, premiered at 5pm on Beats1 with Zane Lowe… and I’m not entirely sure this world was ready for them.

While both tracks feature rapper A$AP Rocky, Summer Bummer also contains a cheeky feature from Playboi Carti.

The lyrics return to the classic Lana Del Rey focus on the dark side of love.

Lines like “You can’t escape my affection/Wrap you up in my daisy chains” would fit right in to Lana’s previous albums Honeymoon or Ultraviolence. Quite a step away from the optimism that we saw in previous Lust For Life track Love.

Lana’s brooding voice, Rocky and Carti’s fire rap verse and the perfectly executed chorus mean that together, the trio have created the most downbeat summer anthem since Del Rey’s very own Summertime Sadness. And I am living for it.

A Lana and Rocky release is one which has been greatly anticipated by fans for a lifetime, and Groupie Love does not disappoint.

Before the song was played, Lana mentioned that it took a while to complete, as Rocky was constantly editing it. This attention to detail can be heard in the final result.

Every string, strum of the guitar and beat of the drum  work together to highlight Lana’s voice and create the dreamlike atmospheric sound that is famously attributed to her. The song could easily be mistaken as a Born To Die track.

The rap verses flow in and out naturally in both tunes and compliment Lana’s perfectly, proving again that she knows how to work a collaboration.

This is something which we are sure to see much more of next Friday when the album drops, as there are features with Sean Lennon and legend Stevie Nicks yet to be heard.

If the songs we have been given so far are anything to go by, this album is set to be one of Lana Del Rey’s best.

Lust For Life comes out on 21st July. Preorder it now at:


Featured Image Credit: Neil Krug


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