Chester Bennington, best known as the frontman for rap-metal titans Linkin Park, has reportedly died by hanging.

Linkin Park had only recently released and begun a touring cycle for One More Light, their seventh full-length album, which came amidst criticisms of embracing a poppier sound.

Linkin Park were one of the millenium’s biggest and best-selling rock bands, rising to prominence in the nu-metal scene of the late 90’s/early 2000’s with albums Hybrid Theory and Meteora, evolving as a band to surpass the scenes and establish themselves as a force in their own right.

Bennington was 41, and is survived by six children. His untimely death comes all too soon after Chris Cornell’s, who was a friend of Bennington’s and also committed suicide.

Artists rise, artists fall, thankfully some are still here at all.



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