Easy Mac with the Cheesy Raps, who is now all grown up and merited a well deserved spot among some of the most respected hip-hoppers of today, thanks to a couple of mature, philosophical and introspective projects that favourably displayed how much he had enhanced his rapping and production skills.

Releases such as 2015’s triumphant GOOD:AM saw Mac Miller distance himself greatly from the typical and cliche college party rap individual he burst onto the scene as, and Mac has just announced a brand new album titled ‘Swimming’, due to drop on August 3rd.

The album announcement has been handled with a short but enticing thirty second clip:

The tracklist for ‘Swimming’ has also been revealed and is as follows:

1. Come Back to Earth
2. Hurt Feelings
3. What’s The Use?
4. Perfecto
5. Self Care
6. Wings
7. Ladders
8. Small Worlds
9. Conversation Pt. 1
10. Dunno
11. Jet Fuel
12. 2009
13. So It Goes

Track no. 5 ‘Self Care’ was released as our first taster of this ‘Swimming’ session, along with a music video – watch it now:

Mac has been through a bit of a tumultuous period as of recently, following being so engrossed with ex Ariana Grande that his latest album titled ‘The Divine Feminine’ was a body of songs all dedicated to the fairer sex and paid tribute largely to his other half.

Their relationship sadly ended towards the end of May with Ariana citing not being able to look after him and bringing to attention the inner demons Mac has seemingly struggled with throughout his career; the backlash of having so much fame and wealth at such a young age really does seem to have taken a toll on the Pittsburgh native and is something Mac has referenced in lyrics on multiple occasions, either with subtle hints and clever wordplay or in more of a straight up fashion such as on ‘GOOD:AM’ track ‘Cut The Check’:

I’m way too young to be this rich
I don’t know what to do with all this shit
I’m out of control, lord can you save my soul?

Many fans were feeling for Mac wholeheartedly and care for his well-being was popularly documented on social media however such fans also know very well how Mac‘s coming-of-age depressive days of years ago can result in sounding. Just as the time of the eerie ‘Macadelic’ and ‘Watching Movies with The Sound Off’ projects and the highly regarded ‘Faces’ mixtape; the after-effects of this break up could indeed lead to some very poignant and creative Larry Fisherman… I mean Mac Miller music.

Not long after said break up, Mac broke the musical silence he upheld since ‘The Divine Feminine’ with three standalone tracks at the end of May – ‘Buttons’, ‘Programs’ and ‘Small Worlds’ – all of which pleased many fans and served to stir up a lot of buzz for new music from Mac.

To celebrate this announcement and get into the mood for various laps of Swimming, we have curated an All Killer, No Filler Mac Miller playlist – have a listen:

‘Swimming’ is available to pre-order now here and is being released via Warner Bros Records.

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