The rapid-fire microphone damager hailing from Brighton has amassed a hellishly impressive tracklist full of features that are garnering this upcoming album a lot of deserved attention and focused eyes, all wishing the days away until 23rd February is here and we can all have a good wander round ‘Wizville.’

When a friend first showed me the video for Ocean‘s ‘Walkin’ track, I was blown away. Often I will be impressed by new music, whatever the genre or sound may be, enough to take a personal interest in the artist and pursue a little research and casually get through their discography. However with ‘Walkin’, it was one of the only real moments I can genuinely recall sitting in disbelief at how crazy the track was, needless to say from that moment (this was back before the video had clocked 1 million views – it’s now sat at 5.3 million and sure to carry on escalating as more people gain awareness of this talented young MC) I was hooked and willing to lend my ears to whatever Wizzy was going to do, and he has not disappointed thus far.

When Ocean‘s debut album ‘Chaos 93’ was ready and launched into the UK hip hop scene by High Focus I had a feeling this was going to be a special album well worth obtaining for my small but respective CD collection, and I was absolutely right: I can’t even count how many times I’ve listened to the album as a whole as well as the tracks individually when my device’s shuffle blesses my ears. The Dirty Dike produced record established Ocean as being capable of creating a really solid album with plenty of variety in terms of the content of his lyrics, how he could gel with the various fellow UK scene rappers that were enlisted, how he could flex the incredible technical ability and flow that seems to possess him rather than the other way round over a variety of quick, groovy, chilled, hyped, alternative tempos and atmospheric beats.

With causing enough of a stir thanks to the great project and a few immaculate features Wizzy landed himself a Fire in The Booth, which resulted in nigh on fifteen minutes of the slick spitter demonstrating why such a hype around his name has been building with a fabulous display of all his attributes over some varied but suiting beats selected by the big man Charlie Sloth himself. The hype surrounding Ocean since revealing this tracklist (High Focus let the world know on 24th Jan) is soaring to more of an astronomical level, and quite rightly so!

With features from one of Wizzy‘s favourite and most influential rappers, the legendary Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan (who needs no introduction), it was evident ‘Wizville’ has been cooked up correctly and all the stops have been pulled out in an effort to take Wizzy and High Focus to the next level. One big difference to the overall sound is provided by the fact a range of producers have been worked with, instead of handing Dirty Dike the boards for the entirety. The other really notable features are supplied by UK grime pioneer Dizzee Rascal (who has also been tipping Ocean for big things on social media), the notorious P Money & veteran rapper Chester P. The full tracklist is here to feast your eyes on:

 The first three tracks have been released as singles building up to and supplying a glimpse of what ‘Wizville’ holds in store for fans come February 23rd. Bring it on!

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