The Sheffield noise bringers Bring Me The Horizon frontman and owner of Drop Dead Clothing Oli Sykes has turned local proprietor by opening a bar, that’s also a gaming arcade named ‘Church’, in his hometown.

The bar venue which will consist of offering live music, a variety of vegan food provided by a local Sheffield based food establishment Make No Bones (apt title for a vegan foodplace!), tattooing, some retro gaming, a completely vegan-friendly bar (it is a cross between a bar and arcade) and some South American religious iconography has been titled Church; the ‘Temple of Fun‘.

Church bar-arcade exterior

Church is situated in Osborn Works on Rutland Road, and opens to the public on Friday 6th July! There is a capacity of 220 people for the live music venue side of things and this is what the BMTH vocalist had to say about the venture:

Our building has incredible heritage and I wanted to develop a concept that truly celebrated and developed that legacy,” he explained. “We wanted something that fitted with William John Hale’s original and stunning design [of the building] but provided something to wow 21st century customers. Our strap line is ‘Temple of Fun’ – we provide a whole experience.”

Oli was inspired to carry out this idea after a trip to Brazil where he encountered a similar style premises and saw great potential for a venue of the kind in the humble, Earth friendly and forward thinking Steel City! The venue sounds like an ideal fit for the vibrant Sheffield and sounds like an exciting place to be, and with lots of interesting things happening and healthy, fun times to be had it looks set to draw a lot of punters, for various reasons!

I for one am excited to get on down and explore the Temple of Fun, perhaps it can serve as a way of getting the youngsters more interested in attending Church?! Haha, anyway we’re wishing the establishment, Oli and the venture all the best!

Check out the Facebook page for more info here:


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