Bristol based speaker smashers Phoxjaw present a real hat-trick announcement today, as they have revealed there is a new EP in the works, released a music video for one of the EP tracks and have announced they have signed to a record label!

The new EP is titled A Playground for Sad Adults and is scheduled for release on 5th July, following up their debut Goodbye Dinosaur EP that was critically acclaimed, appreciated by fans and gained Phoxjaw some good touring and festival spots – notably at 2000trees last year where the Hassle Records director witnessed their typically manic performance and was certainly impressed.

This eventually led to todays news of Hassle Records signing Phoxjaw to their roster, and the band are continuing to create their unique and boisterous sound with the upcoming second EP.

As a first taste of this EP, the music video for single Melt, You’re A Face of Wax has also been released – check it out:

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