London based rock trio Puppy have announced that their debut album, titled ‘The Goat‘ is due to enter the world on 25th January!

Having demonstrated their style of indie meets hard rock with various flavours on self titled debut EP back in 2015, then their illustrious second EP ‘Vol. II‘ released last year, the group have conjured up a full length body of work. 

Their existing works have seen the band perform at numerous prestigious festivals and even gained two places on the latest instalment of the revered and ever-fun Guitar Hero series, as is well deserved. 

The first single from ‘The Goat‘ came in the form of ‘Demons‘, which you can watch the amusing video for here:

Their label, Spinefarm Records‘ website claims that “Puppy’s anticipated debut album is a fusion of mighty riffs, infectious melodies and genre-bustin’ ambition. In short, it’s like nothing else.” – and this is totally on the money, as all I have heard from Puppy so far concurs completely. The track-listing for ‘The Goat’ is as follows:

1. ‘Black Hole

2. ‘Vengeance

3. ‘Poor Me

4. ‘Just Like You

5. ‘And So I Burn…

6. ‘Entombed

7. ‘World Stands Still

8. ‘Bathe In Blood

9. ‘Nightwalker

10. ‘I Feel An Evil

11. ‘Handlebars

12. ‘Demons

You can click here to pre-order the album.

Puppy are set to embark on a ‘world tour’ of the UK this September, check out the dates and venues below.

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