I remember it as if it were yesterday. My ears had never experienced anything like it before, nor had my mind. I’d recently discovered American pop-punk and alt-rock thanks to an obsession-heavy diet of American Sports-themed videogames, Wrestling, and the passing to-and-fro of CD’s between mates. Paramore. Enter Shikari. All Time Low. They were my bands, they were my jams. My dad, however, he had other ideas. He sat me down in front of the Nintendo Wii, pulled up YouTube on it’s painstakingly slow WiFi connection, and told me that what I was about to witness was real ‘heavy’ music, or, as I’d later understand, the entry point. For the next four minutes or so, my mind was warped by the metallic crunch of Slipknot’s ‘Before I Forget’ – a visual and aural trip through sounds I hadn’t yet processed. From there on in, I was loyal to Heavy Metal. This is my Wonderwall moment, what is yours?

Taking your Wonderwall moments and wrapping them up into a bundle of feel-good radio, Reload Radio launched on Monday 15th January, and will be running till the 28th. Aiming to continue the warmth and cheer of the festive month into the New Year, Reload Radio will entice its listeners into reliving their fondest memories through music. The station’s primary mission is to recreate those “Wonderwall Moments”, transporting the audience from the cold January month to being surrounded by friends and family, singing their favourite songs.

With a team of 60 unique presenters and personalities, Reload Radio will be broadcasting both broad and specialist shows, with music to bring back memories no matter what genre you listened and continue to listen to.

Speaking ahead of the launch, station manager Travis Glossop said:

“Reload Radio is about celebrating great music that takes you back, exciting presenters with huge personalities and we’re all about the City of Birmingham. I’m very excited about this station, there’s a gap in the market that we want to take advantage of. There’s a lot of uncertainty in the world right now, but you can rely on Reload Radio to take you back to a happier time. Life is a Mixtape, so put it on and relive those moments.”

Reload Radio will be streaming for 24 hours a day . Listeners can stream the station live at www.reloadradio.co.uk and expect to hear two weeks of all the best tunes from the 90s and 00s alongside talk shows, with documentaries, new updates and special guests.

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