Rage Against The Machine are a band who have had, and continue to have an unprecedented impact on genre and harnessing the power in music – they were a band who always made the most of their voice. Denzel Curry is an artist who stands for a lot of the same issues Zack de la Rocha and co backed, who is conscious about the platform he has and using that voice for good – evident most on his latest, highly acclaimed studio album TA13OO.

With this turbulent cover, Denzel Curry proves again why he is such a relevant, and significant voice at the forefront of modern hip hop. Although from this performance, you’d easily be forgiven for assuming Denzel’s a frontman of some high-octane punk outfit, rather than a rapidfire conscious MC. Just as contemporaries such as JPEGMAFIA, Scarlxrd, $uicideboy$ and Flatbush Zombies, Denzel is a pioneering artist who see’s no boundaries between the worlds of punk / metal and hip-hop.

Not sure about you, but this cover has us greatly interested in a project that sees Zeltron stray a bit further into this genre territory, or even incorporating more live band production to his intense and profound brand of rap.
Furthermore, covers like this that take an artist out of their perceived comfort zone and perhaps catch fans off guard, it can act as a gateway for fans of Denzel to really see and appreciate a world of music they previously had shied away from, and vice versa with old school RATM heads who may be more open to rap thanks to the gallant efforts of Mr Curry.

Check out our review of Denzel’s innovative 2018 project TA13OO:

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