After recently making some noise with single ‘Permanent Midnight‘ featuring High Focus labelmate Jam Baxter following a period of relative quiet, the ‘Pork Pie‘ rapper is back to mash your potatoes by dropping the B side from the ‘Permanent Midnight‘ vinyl. ‘Woah‘ is produced by Pete Cannon and reignites the camaraderie this illusive duo found on Lee Scott’sButter Fly‘ album which Dike handled the entirety of production for.

Such a boisterous musical conjuration had to be done proper service in terms of it’s visualisation, and this has certainly been achieved. The video for ‘Woah‘ which you can watch below, takes the viewer on a journey of debauchery – as these two often find themselves in – bringing mischief to the streets.

Word on the street is that Dirty Dike has got a brand spanking new record full of carefully curated tunes that will appear on the horizon soon, sure to brighten any gloomy day – we are definitely keeping an eye on this one and hope for more collaborative efforts between the respective High Focus and Blah Records envelope pushers.

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