Halloween is already in a couple of months, which means you can already start preparing. In addition to suitable music, sweets and decorations, it is worth thinking about what you can prepare for such a holiday. One of the main symbols of Halloween is the pumpkin head. To make it, you need to cut out all the insides of the pumpkin. I don't know what you are making of it, but I am making pumpkin puree. It is done quite quickly and easily. Especially if you have a pressure cooker. Also, this puree can be nicely served.

Brooklyn rap duo The Underachievers are still fresh from recent release of fourth studio album ‘After The Rain‘ and have more in store as today they have revealed a new ‘Lords of Flatbush‘ mixtape isn’t far off and dropped the first single from the tape in ‘Stone Cold‘.

The new mixtape will be the third in the ‘Lords of Flatbush‘ series, following 2013’s ‘The Lords of Flatbush‘ and 2016’s ‘It Happened in Flatbush‘. The latest studio album ‘After The Rain‘ featured a much more mature approach and content from the Flatbush fire proprietors, who enlisted Brasstracks on production which provided a shift from their usually hype and trap-scented instrumentals to more of a live-band feel. This maturity in sound was matched by the lyrical content of AKTheSavior and Issa Gold, who in large parts reflect upon growing out of damaging habits and tormented relationships with drugs and bettering themselves as in typical fashion they act as a voice of enlightenment and spirituality for their loyal fans.

Listen to ‘Stone Cold‘ – which is produced by YDNA who has previously worked with the Underachievers on 2017 single – ‘Packs

The ‘Lords of Flatbush‘ mixtapes have consisted of solely trademark UA bangers, and you can hear on ‘Stone Cold‘ that this is just the case with ‘Lords of Flatbush 3‘, which the duo can blithely revel in having the majority of their didactic blessings fleshed out potently on ‘After The Rain‘.

The remarkable artwork features Capital Steez comes courtesy of longtime collaborator Pencilfingerz and can be seen below. Information regarding a release date and the track-list for the tape is yet to be offered, but as soon as it is available BG will be there to soak it all up! With the recent release of ‘After The Rain‘ and the upcoming ‘Lords of Flatbush 3‘ drop, it would be great to see the group bring their blend of spirituality and taste for bangers to the UK for a lively tour, and perhaps a sermon.

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