Tyler, The Creator and A$AP Rocky offered a hearty and healthy offering of ‘Potato Salad‘ with release of their new track that the two flow fluidly over. The track is brought to a climax with the last screen of the visual displaying text that reads ‘WANG$AP‘ plus ‘coming soon’ tagged in small print underneath. Watch the video here now, featuring lots of subtle and clever editing that for one help the listener grasp the concepts they’re verbally projected, and simultaneously enhance one’s understanding or rather appreciation of the duo’s wordplay:

Both are respectively now well established and equally proven creative artists – over the years, in their respected lanes the two have escalated to such status from the more restrictive box of ‘rapper’; both have ventured successfully into the fashion worlds and really pushed musical boundaries as they have grown – evident when just looking at their most recent musical full-length releases, particularly in comparison to each’s debut.

WANG$AP‘ – which is a cross between Tyler‘s ‘Golfwang‘ clothing brand label and Rocky‘s ‘A$AP‘ moniker and collective – has been interpreted by most as a title for a collaborative project between the two distinctive and flamboyant entities, which is certainly exciting news. Also, this end-of-video tease seems a pretty affirmative hint at such a project right? Hmm, well at least it did at first until in typical cryptic fashion of Tyler, such affirmation was brought into disrepute as he tweeted this:

So clearly Tyler is effectively ‘blaming’ Rocky for the strong public suggestion the two do have a joint-venture project coming out – however he also doesn’t deny it here, and surely would have known that cheeky little hint was inserted at the end of the video! It is an interesting anecdote that he claims he was ‘tryna rap on that‘ beat for 10 years – the beat in question has a strong heritage; the original 2003 track is ‘Knock Knock‘ from US singer-songwriter Monica, was written and actually performed by Missy Elliot and is a Kanye West production!

Potato Salad‘ marks the fifth artistic collaboration between Rocky and Tyler, tracing their intertwining history back only three years to 2015 with a quirky and off-the-wall tour announcement video uploaded on the OFWGKTA YouTube simply titled ‘ROCKY AND TYLER‘ which is emblazoned with their joking and humorously natured friendship, some may even call it a ‘bromance‘ – see for yourself:

The following year, we saw quite the hectic visual released from Tyler for ‘WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW‘ – a freestyle over Kanye’s ‘Freestyle 4’ from his ‘Life of Pablo’ project – Tyler goes in supplying a ‘Goblin‘ era vibe with a menacing audio performance following a brief Rocky introduction and the freestyle is punctuated throughout with Rocky ad-libs. Both, accompanied by Odd Future members, are seen going a bit mad and obviously enjoying themselves in the studio that makes for a somewhat alluring watch!

Tyler then appeared with a feature verse on A$AP’s track ‘Telephone Calls‘ along with Playboi Carti and Yung Gleesh, taken from Rocky’s collective mob A$AP’sCozy Tapes Vol 1: Friends‘ album, that also dropped in 2016.

And the favour was returned emphatically last year as Rocky featured on the bouncy and hype Tyler, the Creator single ‘Who Dat Boy‘ lifted from the Grammy nominated Tyler project ‘Flower Boy‘, which up until ‘Potato Salad‘ was the most effective and illuminating display of potential wielded by the collusion of the duo: ‘Who Dat Boy‘ exhibited a strong chemistry, painted the two as being on similar mental wavelengths and they have furthered this on ‘Potato Salad‘ as they push each other to producing a slick and profound rap presence that garners replay value – exactly why the ‘WANG$AP‘ tease has many now sat in eager anticipation!

Potato Salad WANG$AP

Eyes will be firmly fixed on any developments regarding ‘WANG$AP‘, but for the meantime we will be including copious amounts of ‘Potato Salad‘ in our lunchbox!

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