Trunk Muzik 3 has been hot property in the collective mind of BG since Yelawolf himself confirmed the third instalment of his accredited mixtape series by announcing the Trunk Muzik 3 tour in for the summer 2018, leaving many to believe – and hope – we were to be graced with the new tape before the end of the year.

After a then unexpected period of quiet that for some may have thrown doubt at the prospect of getting our mits on the highly anticipated new project, Yela has reassured fans by entering 2019 with a run of HOT freestyles teasing Trunk Muzik 3. Yela has been relentless recently, with latest freestyle Skallywag being the fifth freestyle Yela has gifted us in this charming little promo run:

The momentous run of freestyles leading up to Yela’s final release on Shady Records that see Catfish Billy letting loose to ridiculous proportions – as if we needed proof he’s still not to be f*cked with – began with the Gangsta Walk (Get Buck Freestyle) that dropped on 9th January. Quickly this was followed up nine days later by the even more tenacious Pinto Bean freestyle from 18th Jan:

The final day of January 2019 saw Catfish Billy tearing up the booth in the third TM3 prelude freestyle instalment that is the Jesco White freestyle, that features his trademark blend of candidness with bravado. February brought with it no respite from the Slumerican MC who on the 6th released the Billy Goat freestyle; an impeccable fourth page to this TM3 prelude chapter Yela’s painted so eloquently:

Nowhere is our love for Yela more evident than in the article below; check out our ode to the Tennessee microphone terrorizer / preview piece for Trunk Muzik 3:

The tumultuous tale of Catfish Billy: Anticipating Yelawolf’s ‘Trunk Muzik 3’


As of posting this, there is still no official release date for Trunk Muzik 3 but it’s safe to say we cannot be far away! Yela has also revealed in an instagram post from mid January a video for Box Chevy 6 has been filmed!


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