Well I may be wrong about my Royal Rumble predictions… As of this past week, Bobby Lashley and EC3 are no longer under Impact Wrestling contracts.

Various sources are reporting this news including The Sun and WrestlingInc. EC3 has reportedly cancelled an appearance he was going to make at an indie show the same day as the Royal Rumble. Could this mean he’ll make his WWE return the night of the Rumble? His previous run with WWE wasn’t particularly successful at all for EC3. Under the ring name of Derrick Bateman, he was in the final season of the original format of NXT in which he had some decent matches against the likes of JTG and Daniel Bryan, but unfortunately never was able to show his full potential on the main roster. Bateman/EC3 was also briefly on the new format NXT, but failed to leave a lasting impression and was released from his contract after years in developmental in May of 2013.

After his WWE departure EC3 thrived and became a TNA/Impact World Champion on two occasions. Now repackaged, experienced, and comfortable with his own abilities, could we see EC3 in WWE in the coming weeks? I believe so.


As for Bobby Lashley, his return to the company might not be so smooth. He left in mid 2007 on bad terms, never stating exactly why, Bobby has always said he was forced out the company, and that WWE left him no choice but to leave. Bobby has made it clear he wants to return and he has in particular, shown interest in fighting Brock Lesnar in a wrestling capacity as opposed to an MMA capacity. I for one, would love to see that fight under the WWE banner. Bobby is also currently fighting for Bellator MMA, so that may cause issues contractually speaking. But Lesnar has had a fight for UFC while under WWE contract so it isn’t out of the realms of possibility that WWE may let Lashley continue to fight in MMA and work for WWE simultaneously if a contract is worked out. I for one, certainly hope Lashley can return and have one last run in the WWE!

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