Royal Rumble return/debuts Part 5…

1.) Tyler Bate

Bate has made waves in the independent scene and in the WWE this past year. Since making his mark in the WWE UK Tournament and being crowned the first ever WWE UK Champion last January, Tyler has had a couple of matches in NXT that could be considered 2017’s match of the year. His UK title rivalry with Pete Dunn was sparse in the WWE, but very memorable. Their fight at NXT TakeOver: Chicago was easily one of, if not the best match under the WWE umbrella last year.

WWE was rumored to be creating a UK exclusive show, although that may still happen, there is currently no sign of it happening any time soon. Whilst Bate is thriving on the indies, it’s a shame his talents aren’t being shown on WWE TV on a weekly basis. The WWE won’t want you to forget about Pete Dunn or Tyler Bate or indeed any of their other signed UK stars. So the Rumble seems to be the perfect place to highlight Bate and possibly Dunn’s talents. They will get a pop from the crowd, and they will stay in our minds until WWE knows what exactly they are doing with these talented UK stars.

But for now, lets just hope Tyler Bate shows up in the Rumble and shows of his unique, British style of offense…


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