Whichever way you voted in last year’s seismic EU referendum, a massive step forward was taken this week with the formal triggering of Article 50. In times of great uncertainty, we can always turn to music – and piss-taking – for comfort. Here, then, is our Article 50 playlist:

The Beatles – We Can’t Work It Out

Ed Sheeran – Shape of EU


Queens of the Stone Age – The Lost Article 50 of Keeping a Secret

Led Zeppelin – Babe I’m Gonna Leave EU

Guns N’ Roses – Welcome to the Calais Jungle

Radiohead – Brexit Music (For a Film)

Sinead O’ Connor – Nothing Compares 2 EU


Fleetwood Mac – (Donald) Tusk

XTC – Making Plans For Nigel

Warrant – Sad Theresa

The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go (Now Decided)

Killing Joke – Europe / European Super State

Journey – I’ll Be Alright Without EU


Elton John – Goodbye Yellow Star Flag

David Bowie – The Jean-Claude Genie

Iron Maiden – Empire of the Clowns

Deaf Havana – Trigger


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