“And songs are never quite the answer
Just a soundtrack to a life
That is over all too soon
Helps to turn the days to night”

Badly Drawn Boy once lamented in his hit-song-turned-secret-proposal ‘You Were Right’ that songs are never quite the answer, just a soundtrack to a life, and perhaps, fifteen years on, his wisdom remains true. Songs aren’t always going to solve the woes of our day-to-day lives, but they appeal to our many whims and emotions and soundtrack us through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Each week, we’ll present to you the songs and the albums that have been soundtracking our week, and we hope to one day look back and reflect. Feel free to comment your own soundtrack of the week.

The National – ‘Sleep Well Beast’ (The album, although the song itself is spectacular)

Favourite lyric;

“I’ve been trying to see where we’re going, but you’re so hard to follow and I don’t think we’re getting anywhere any time soon. We have so much in common, I don’t know what I’m expecting, you just keep saying so many things that I wish you won’t”

Reason why it’s the soundtrack to my week: Sometimes bands release albums that are so beautifully crafted that they’re more like utterances and snippets of your life than they are songs. The National, as always, have done that with Sleep Well Beast. Whilst their music is often aimed at the mid-life crisis-living male, their are glimmers of day-to-day interactions that are as relevant to a 22-year old graduate as they are a man of age.

Chosen by Jack Press.

Sam Smith – ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’

Favourite lyric;

“I know you’re thinkin’ I’m heartless. I know you’re thinkin’ I’m cold. I’m just protectin’ my innocence. I’m just protectin’ my soul”

Reason why it’s the soundtrack to my week: Smith once again has crafted a soulful single that strikes the perfect balance between honesty and sorrow. A combo he has created a name for himself, sparking from his first album ‘In The Lonely Hour’. What a man! What a song! and hopefully, what an album!

Chosen by Tom Hall

Dua Lipa – ‘New Rules’

Favourite lyric;

“And if you’re under him then you ain’t getting over him”

Reason why it’s the soundtrack to my week: I’m all for a bit of female empowerment, especially when I know how many friends have been in the position of going back to men that don’t appreciate them: YOU DONT NEED HIM SISTER XOXOXO

Chosen by Milly Barn

Nine Inch Nails – ‘With Teeth’

Favourite lyric;

“As I lie here and stare, the fabric starts to tear, it’s far beyond repair and I don’t really care, As far as I have gone, I knew what side I’m on but now I’m not so sure, the line begins to blur”

Reason why it’s the soundtrack to my week: Trent singing from the heart, post rehab & off the booze & drugs. He’s a new man, that now moves forward. One of his best tracks.

Chosen by Hassan Ul-haq

Steven Wilson – ‘Pariah’ 

“I’m tired of weakness, tired of my feet of clay, I’m tired of days to come, I’m tired of yesterday and all the worn out things that I ever said, now it’s much too late, the words stay in my head”

Reason why it’s the soundtrack to my week: Seems to describe a groundhog-day kinda phase in life, and also never getting a message across/out when it was needed – so the original thing just rots away as an unarticulated intention. Happily, the mega-pipes of Israeli songstress Ninet Tayeb do a postive ‘response’ verse to Wilson, culminating in a seriously impressive and powerful high note. Altogether, a great pick-me-up track.

Chosen by James Stokes

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