Here we are, already in February 2018, in the midst of an award season which culminates with the Academy Awards ceremony at the end of the month. Before then however, we have another 4 weeks of excellent film releases to look forward to. February is shaping up rather nicely with a whole host of critically acclaimed dramas, laugh out loud comedies, and high flying blockbusters to whet our appetites. In the face of all these great releases, it can be a daunting task to decide which film you should use your finite Meercat Movies codes on. Fear not, Bloggers Gamut is here to help! Here’s a look at the 5 films we think you should watch in February.


Phantom Thread – 2nd Feb.

Director Paul Thomas Anderson is back with Phantom Thread, a film set in the couture world of London during the 1950’s which stars Daniel Day-Lewis, in his final acting role before retirement, and Vicky Krieps. Described as “wonderfully fixating and wholly non-formulaic” by The Spectator, the film follows Reynolds Woodcock’s and Alma Elson’s relationship as it sways between adoration and disaffectedness. It’s been duly recognised by the awards critics too, with 6 Academy Award nominations including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. As a director known for his characteristic kinetic camera work as well as his use of light and colour and a typically Californian setting, it’ll be interesting to see what Anderson does with this change in style compared to previous works such as Boogie Nights and Inherent Vice.



The Mercy – 9th Feb.

Based on a true story about amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst and his ill-fated attempt at winning the Sunday Times Golden Globe Race in 1968, The Mercy stars Colin Firth in the lead role alongside Rachel Weisz and David Thewlis. Billed by Radio Times as “a powerful and compelling story told with care and compassion by a brilliant cast”, the film is sure to make audiences question their own position given similar circumstances, and maybe it’ll rehabilitate the reputation of a man history has so far been wildly unkind to.


Black Panther – 13th Feb.

What can be said about the Marvel Cinematic Universe that hasn’t been talked about in a myriad other places on the internet over the 10 years since the release of Iron Man, the first film in the long running series? Now with a cast as long as your arm, the latest character piece focuses on Wakandan super hero T’Challa/Black Panther, played by Chadwick Boseman. First featured in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, the film follows T’Challa as he teams up with Wakandan special forces and CIA agent Everett K. Ross (Martin Freeman) in order to prevent both the destruction of his homeland and the start of a new world war. It’s also worth noting that the soundtrack for this film has been co-produced by LA rapper Kendrick Lamar. Expect explosive action sequences, slick CGI, and sharp one-liners with more than a nod towards the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War saga.



The Shape Of Water – 14th Feb.

A classic romance with a fairy tale twist, and set in the 1960’s against the back drop of the Cold War, The Shape Of Water is the latest film from master storyteller Guillermo Del Toro. The story follows Elisa, played wonderfully by Sally Hawkins, as she discovers a classified government secret within the high-security laboratory she works at and finds love in the connection she shares with the creature. It’s an incredibly absorbing film emotionally, which is coupled with Del Toro’s distinctive visual style and a cast full of excellent supporting performances, most notably from Michael Shannon and Michael Stuhlbarg. With the film leading the way with 13 Academy Award nominations this year, you can’t really afford to miss this one.


Lady Bird – 16th Feb.

Making her writing and directorial debut, actress Greta Gerwig’s critically acclaimed drama-comedy Lady Bird finally gets a UK release this month. Saoirse Ronan plays Christine ‘Lady Bird’ McPherson, an artistically inclined, strong-willed teen coming of age in the early noughties while constantly at loggerheads with her equally assertive mother. Picking up 5 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actress, the film was described as “charming and witty” by The Guardian, and looks to be the perfect antidote to the crisis in gender representation that currently embroils the film industry.



Other noteworthy films released this month include:


Journey’s End – 2nd Feb.

Based on a 1928 play by R. C. Sherriff, the film follows the story of a group of British army officers posted in the trenches of World War I at Aisne in 1918, collectively awaiting their fate as the war draws to a close.

Roman J. Israel, Esq. – 2nd Feb.

The second feature directed by Dan Gilroy after the critically acclaimed Nightcrawler, Roman J. Israel is a driven and idealistic defense attorney who finds himself embroiled in a tumultuous series of events which lead to a personal crisis, with drastic action the only means of escape. Denzel Washington picked up an Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his performance in this film.

Fifty Shades Freed – 9th Feb.

The final film of the trilogy sees Anastasia and Christian get hitched, with Jack continuing to pose a threat to their relationship. Expect this to be another blockbuster smash hit, even if it is likely pick up Razzie Award nominations later in the year.

The 15:17 To Paris – 9th Feb.

With Clint Eastwood back in the directors chair, his latest film tells the true story of three American tourists who thwarted a planned terrorist attack on the train they were travelling on between Amsterdam and Paris in 2015.

I, Tonya – 23rd Feb.

Another film based on a true story, this biopic follows the professional career of American professional figure skater Tonya Harding who rises through the ranks at the US Championship but who’s career becomes threatened when her ex-husband intervenes. The film’s cast was awarded Academy Award nominations for Best Actress (Margot Robbie) and Best Supporting Actress (Allison Janney).


Tell us which films you’re excited about watching this month in the comments section below!

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